Recruitment process

Recruitment process

Meeting with our recruiters is a good opportunity to become aware of your talent, expertise and skills. The recruitment process in our company involves the following steps:

1.Sending the application (CV with cover letter)

At the "" are displayed career opportunities within the company. Apply for a position that fits your interests and profile. If you apply when there is no open vacancy, you can send your CV in our email address Spontaneous application offers you the opportunity to learn first new career opportunities within the company and to be invited to participate in recruitment and selection.

2. Screening of applications

CVs and letters of intent will be reviewed and evaluated by our recruitment experts. This step consists of selecting candidates that match the requirements listed in the recruitment announcement. If the candidate fits the profile needed, he/she will be considered immediately for the recruitment process. If not, it will be stored in our database and you will be contacted for future career opportunities.

3. The first interview

The first interview will be supported by the recruitment expert and the line manager. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your experience and show us your skills through examples and detailed descriptions. For you, this meeting may be the right time to evaluate us as an organization, and to understand what the position for which you have been selected for. Therefore, the interview is an excellent opportunity for both parties to know each other and assess each other.

4. Technical Test (where applicable)

For specific positions, in addition to the interview we use an additional method of evaluation. Most often, it will be a technical test, which will include questions and issues in the area for which you applied, the level of difficulty adjusted in accordance with the level of knowledge required for the particular position.

5. Final interview

Final interview will be held with the HR executive and the line manager, depending on the seniority of the position. The aim is to know in detail the technical skills and knowledge that you own and to ask everything you want to know about the job, team, projects and personal and professional development opportunities.

6. Finalization of the process

All the recruitment process is finalized with the selection of the best candidate to whom we will present the Job Offer. Upon acceptance of the offer, a confirmation of the starting date is provided by the candidate. All the candidates included in the process will be communicated by email, about the selection, thanking them for the participation in the recruitment process.