The One Intern

The One Intern

The One Intern Program offers a unique opportunity for students and newly university graduates to gain professional experience and develop their practical skills at One Telecommunications.

We are looking for passionate and motivated individuals who want to work in the field of telecommunications.

The aim of this program is to familiarize interns with our work and aid us in different departments by providing specialized assistance in numerous professional fields.

One Telecommunications offers several internships which are given based on the needs of various departments within our company.

Internships usually last for three to six months, and after completing this period every intern is awarded a certificate. Additionally, based on performance and departmental needs, many interns have been also offered permanent employment at One.

Send us your CV and professional interest at and we will get back to you in no time. 

The selected candidates will enjoy a tailored benefits package, and will also have the opportunity to be employed permanently after the completion of the internship duration.